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Metal newbie 
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United States 
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I aim to have a very open mind when it comes to metal. I try to have a variety of albums in my collection so that I have something for every mood. I want to experience the best that every genre has to offer and enjoy a few guilty pleasures along the way. I am always looking for new bands and after discovering this site I found out there are a fucking ton of them out there. I am not an expert and I don't pretend to be.

Ratings scale:
100 - Perfection (A rating I will probably never give)
90-100 Essential (A must own for any collection)
80-89 (A very good album, you won't be disappointed)
70-79 (Not a must own, but still worth checking out)
60-79 (For completionists only)
60 & lower (Don't bother, there are better albums to buy)

All of my collection is made up of original cds and vinyl purchased by me. I don't believe in illegally downloading unless it is to check out a band, then buy their albums if I like what I hear. Or, to be able to listen to an album that is way out of print and that I can't find anywhere and have to spend a shitload of money to add it to my collection. A completely downloaded collection is NOT a collection! Support the bands that you enjoy and fuck the rest of the bullshit that's out there! As for my wanted list, I'm a completionist and would like to have entire full length discographies no matter how long it takes. I'm usually not too big on EP's, splits and live albums, but there are some exceptions of course.