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Embryonic - 25%

AsPredatorToPrey, August 9th, 2007

From the minds of musicians involved with Emperor and Myrkskog comes an album that pushes no boundaries, offers no surprises and leaves the listener baffled as to how this could have happened.

It makes sense that Disintegrate received critical acclaim from such extreme metal "experts" as Darksoul VII, Metal Review and Terrorizer. To fans, however, it is unfortunate that this album sounds like another in the list of faceless pseudo-thrash which apes metal-sounding riffs and is devoid of any inspiration. Zyklon meld aspects of Carcass, Morbid Angel and Sepultura in a way that has been done countless times before.

The title track is the epitome of the pseudo-thrash sound; caricatured riffs with pseudo-rap vocal phrasings and contrived interjections of the f-bomb. It's as if they're trying to prove their street credibility by breaking it down and being real. The song structures utilize the standard verse-chorus-repeat formula, yet the riffs offer nothing remarkable to keep the listener excited. On "Wrenched" one can hear a variation of the main riff from Emperor's "Curse You All Men," albeit played a little slower. Taken with the rest of the music on Disintegrate, this only certifies how derivative the entire album is.

Since their first album, Zyklon have employed a cold and sterile production that fits with their misanthropic and alienating sound. However, with the subpar music on Disintegrate, it further solidifies this album as directionless and "modern." The only reason Zyklon are given such reverence is because of the reputation of the band members. Taken on its own, though, this is simply another band regurgitating cliches within songs that have no identity.

Disintegrate is a frustrating album to hear if you're familiar with the abilities of the band members. Even if you're not, it still sounds mediocre. Since Zyklon have been a full-time band for only three albums, perhaps they are still trying to find their sound. The last thing this world (ov worms) needs is another group of ultra-talented musicians forming a band for the purpose of playing the kind of metal they listened to when growing up.