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Enjoyable black metal. - 80%

TheTrueHel, August 16th, 2007

Firstly, this is a very accessible album. It's well produced, tight, and predictable - but it's good fun to listen to. To get things underway, this sounds very similar to say Watain's "Casus Luciferi" album - if you like that style of black metal - thrashy, aggressive and well produced, you will probably like this album. Each song is unique in their own right and I give the band credit for not using the typical, predictable song structures employed by most black metal bands. There is enough variance throughout the EP to keep you listening - it's not endless blastbeats, but it's not bogged down with trance-inducing droney passages either. Zarathustra have grasped the template of good thrashy black metal, and have mastered it to a very enjoyable, if not "fun" release. They're competent song-writers, and the guitar riffs are well above average. This is probably my favourite release by this band - and something I listen to regularly in it's entirety. It's nothing new, offensive, different or challenging - so I recommend it to anyone interested in enjoyable black metal without the fuss or pretense.