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I expected worse - 35%

Mors_Gloria, December 21st, 2007

I've heard a lot about Zarach Baal Tharagh. Out of all those people only one said something positive. So, I decided I had to listen it myself in order to form my own opinion about them. After listening to Metal Bastard I'm still a little confused.

Three main points have to be made for Zarach Baal Tharagh's music:

1) The drum machine reminds of a techno beat. Its sound is weak as hell. And that's not good when we talk about a metal band. Hell, even Siva Six , an EBM band that incorporates actual beats, manages to sound heavier than this.

2) Luc Mertz is not an awful player (some mistakes can be heard of course). He is not a bad guitarist and he actually manages to write a variety of good and diverse riffs. The problem in his music lies in the fact that he is a completely talentless songwrite. He does not know how to put the riffs together and fails in every he can in this department. And considering the musical value of some of his riffs (like the last riff of Suck Your Bone and the intro riff of From Beyond) this is a real shame.

3) Luc is not a consistent vocalist. His vocals most of the time fail miserably. They do not provoke any emotion. They do not follow any pattern. However, there are some parts (like the beggining of Deadly Pale Face) where he uses a very high-pitched way of singing. He pretty much delivers when he does that.

Now, what I wrote above cover the main impression I got from Zarach Baal Tharagh.

Analyzing further this demo I have to bring to your attention that in my surprise bass is actually used in this recorded and can be heard in one or two songs. The use of bass in a one-man BM band is not usual at all, let alone a band like Zarach Baal Tharagh which is supposed to have worst production even from LLN bands.

I, also, have to mention that Zarach Baal Tharagh uses keyboards too. They do not use them in a symphonic or an ambient way though. They use them just to create some weird noises and effects.

Productionwise, this album sucks as it was meant to be. The production ruins the drum machine but nothing more. It is far from fitting the album but I've heard worse (like Hydra's Tantalus Reincarnated).

The songs on this album are mid-paced. Surprisingly enough some of the riffs are technica (as in the end of Deadly Pale Face)l and they range from doom riffs, hard rock riffs, some death metal riffs and straight-up tremolo picking. It has some variety but in the end the songs go nowhere.

Overal, this album does not suck. Luc can write some good stuff but he has to work hard on putting his songs together. If he works on that, adopts that high-pitched screaming that is used in Deadly Pale Face and fix the production of the drum machine I am sure he'll eventually write something that is good enough to buy.