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Not Metal, still Zakk - 95%

metalfukinhead, February 5th, 2003

Holy shit! What is this album doing on the Metal Archives?!? This ain't metal in any aspect! The only reason I can see that this is here is because Zakk is the one behind the music, and there ain't no one more metal than Zakk...kinda contridictory, don't you think?

Well, now that that's off my chest, this is one incredibly good album. I'm not sure what everyone out there would think of this if they heard it, but damn, Zakk is one emotional dude. Sold My Soul is a song that really can bring a tear to your eye, with its brilliant acoustic guitar work and soulful vocals. It makes you wonder just how the fuck Zakk could do that and then move on to BLS a couple years later and leave barely a trace of acoustic music. Too Numb To Cry is yet another song that Zakk proves he can sing, with layers of his next to mournful voice penetrating the very soul of anyone who has a shred of emotion in them.

This is definitely and album to put on when you are feeling depressed or upset for any reason whatsoever. You can feel everything that went into this album because it is so simply moving. Put this one on for your girlfriends or wives and they're sure to appreciate metal just a little more (that is if they don't already), cuz this is something no one has done since or before, and probably ever will.