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Not Metal...Still Amazing! - 92%

Demon_of_the_Fall, May 16th, 2003

I can totally agree with the last reviewer of this album...what on earth is this doing on Metal Archives, this is totally not metal in the least bit. Although this is Zakk Wylde doing some of his best work ever, I can hear no metal songs. If your in any certain mood (down, depressed, or happy) this album will please you very much. It's got to be the most emotional music Zakk has ever done or will do. I loved his Pride and Glory album and though that is totally different from Book of Shadows, I'd have to say I'd take this album over Pride. Zakk's Vocals are very soulful, and there's not a bad moment on here, as some of the songs are almost in the vein of soft rock/bluegrass music although I'm not a fan of these genre's much, Zakk belts out these songs like no one else, and you'd all just have to experiance it for yourself. No one has ever done anything like this, and yes this is the mainman from Black Label Society and the Guitarist from Ozzy for christsake. I couldn't believe what I was hearing coming from my speaker when i popped this in because I was expecting heavy metal stuff. All the songs are different and have variance, and could you'll find yourself drinking to this, singing to this, and um...making out to this. My friends I suggest not leaving from home without this, because I would be hella upset if ya did. If any of you would listen and though this is not metal, I highly recommend this album, and suggest taking a listen to one of my fave albums of all time.

Best Tracks: All of Them