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Black Metal? More Like Insomnia Cure. - 0%

CurrentPoplarNetMeme, September 18th, 2010

So I hear from many sources how Xasthur is an aural orgasm. My only bodily response so far has been a violent yawn.

Can this even be called black metal? If I'm not mistaken, you at least need a framework of guitars, drums, and more-often-than-not unsettling vocals for it to qualify. After listening to this album entire, and after fighting my heavy eyelids, I can recall nothing of the sort. There might be something resembling any form of metal beneath the everpresent droning, but for fear of turning into the modern-day Rip Van Winkle, I refuse to give this album a second listen.

Well what is this, then? According to the tags, I was listening to "depressive black metal." What the fuck is depressive black metal? I don't see this subgenre on Metal-Archives, and I've never seen it described to anything but Xasthur. I submit that this "genre" is a bunch of made-up bullshit, like Metalocalypse calling Dethklok "Ragnarok Metal, for it is blacker than the blackest black times INFINITY!!"

What this resembles to me is dark ambient, much akin to Lustmord or Ahasverus. But even if this album were labeled such, it'd still get a low grade. While the aforementioned bands succeed in creating an atmosphere of low-level chill and dread, this album of Xasthur creates feelings of drowsiness.

But I digress. This is labeled black metal, therefore it shall be judged as such. This is NOT black metal. Linkin Park is closer to black metal than this.

Despite this album's great disappointment, I'm going to give Xasthur another chance. Hopefully in later albums they incorporate black metal with their dark ambience and produce what was billed as "Limbonic Art, but slower and creepier." Sadly, I must grade this album an F, and wait to see if this is just a tarnish on an otherwise flawless record to match Xasthur's hype.