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Avant Ambiguity - 72%

Danthrax_Nasty, July 20th, 2009

Lost in peculiarity is one way to sum this up. In dramatic discord towards the obscure, this album is incredibly abstract in many ways, and musically presents a style lesser heard. Think Ophthalamia's Via Dolorosa meets Voivod's Nothing Face, except accomplished by a bit lesser talent so the presentations not as impressively developed, yet still of unique presence. A sort of blending of rock ideas in aggressive dissonance, though unfortunately theres little embellishments as far as leads / solos. Slow tempos, and an atonal, atonic, voice you're likely not to find elsewhere (though of subjective value) are also stand out qualities on this, as is an excellent sound quality & very bare presentation. Continuity holds together a strange landscape, a shadowy cold, and defined in the mental theater with out pretension, at least from my point of view.

Opening up the booklet you realize a couple things. One, ambiguity was a contrived aesthetic. Two, it challenges standards of what a layout should be, making sure to communicate very little. Third, the image, or lack there of may have hurt this release. Its just that the songs do not stand very far apart musically, and their textures all seem to be clearly of the same palette so even in tone everything just kind of blends, which may have been intended, but just leaves the songs languishing yet never garnering the reciprocation. I would think it possible that in the undertaking, the expressiveness of the songs out shined the vision of the artist, in that the linear body, formed of the repetition of elements, was not expounded on to a great enough degree. Just leaves room for want. Needed more moments like in Grund - Abgrund, at about 2 minutes, theres a nice tapping melody played over a thick rhythm creating potent atmosphere that excellently supplements the base atmosphere (long live variety!). But, to its abstract credit, one could find what ever one wants here (exactly my problem with abstract ultimately). Suppose it is the product of laboring to be mysterious.

In general this is a cool album, but for BM freaks only most likely. A Winterblut oddity.