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What a Dumb Idea - 16%

DawnoftheShred, May 8th, 2007

It's a real shame that the last White Zombie album would be this atrocity. A techno-remix album not only notorious for forshadowing Rob Zombie's future career, but quite shitty in its own right. If you can't stand techno, I'll save you the trouble of reading this review: you will absolutely hate this.

Just as he would go on to remix tracks from his first solo album on his American Made Music to Strip By release, this album simply consists of remixed tracks from Astro Creep, minus the song "Creature of the Wheel," which is replaced with a remix of "I'm Your Boogieman." The remixes are fairly true to the original songs in terms of structure and length (though the tempo is occasionally altered), but everything other than the basic mechanics is raped. Drums are replaced by uber-repetitive raver beats. Riffs are removed, replaced, and muddied down. Vocals are unbearably distorted. Pretty much everything good about Astro Creep is turned to generic techno bullshit. If you're into techno, you'll probably enjoy this experiment of Rob's. But as this is not the Techno Archives, the rest of us can only lament and wonder why the hell this was released by a seemingly metal band.

So to recap, this gets 10 points for the various pinups in the cover sleeve, 5 points for not sucking as hard as his next remix album would, and 1 bonus point because I'd still rather listen to this than to Graveyard Classics II again. Add in one point each for every song on here that is made better through remixing and this album's final score ends up at a meager 16. If I were a potential buyer, I'd stick with Astro Creep.

I got this for $0.99, and I still feel ripped off. - 13%

Deliverance, December 13th, 2004

I really don't mind remix CDs all the time. Really, I don't. I enjoyed several Fear Factory remixes. But White Zombie utterly failed to put out a decent remix album. I don't really feel like I need to go on and on about this.. Suffice it to say, every track on this album blurs together to the poin tthat you put it on while doing something else, you'll try to block it out, and suddenly realize 30 minutes later you've progressed through the album more than you thought you had.

There's really only two worthwhile tracks on here, which is being nice about it. Those being the remix on More Human Than Human which is barely worth listening to.. But honestly, if you've got this, you've got to make excuses as to what's better than something else so that you feel like you made somewhat a worthwhile purchase. Although, then there's the remix on Grease Paint and Monkey Brains, which is actually a very enjoyable remix.. Somewhat laid back. Interesting? I don't know quite how to put it, but it's better than anything else on the album, giving it 10 points.. And 3 more for the More Human Than Human remix which I can deal with listening to. Everything else is uncreative remixes on otherwise good songs. If I want this kind of generic remixing, I'll go find an already generic nu-metal band's single featuring even more generic remixing by no-name artists. I was hopeful the remixes on this would be somewhat enjoyable, but I was wrong. This isn't worth purchasing. It's not even worth stealing.

What The Hell Is This Shit??! - 20%

metalfukinhead, February 5th, 2003

Now someone explain to me what Rob's reasoning with this one is??? He remixes everything on Astro-creep so shitty that it makes me want to vomit. I can't believe that anyone who is related to metal would stoop to such a level. I mean, techno??? That's all this album is. If you've heard Astro-creep, imagine all those songs minus Creature Of The Wheel remixed to fit an almost rave-styled atmosphere. I don't think that there were any real instruments on the remixes. John Tempesta's kit would have to be electronic and lame at that to sound like the so-called drum beats on this album. There is a total lack of unsaturated techno sounding guitar on this album. Even Rob's vocals sound stupid (imagine that...) with the way he did everything up. The best thing about this music is that it is good for those who don't like heavy metal but like techno, it can be considered common ground.

The only reason I still own this album is because it's too scratched to get rid of, and until I fill my 200 disc changer, it'll be there, after I fill it, it's gone out the fucking window. The best part of buying this one would be for the incredibly sexy chicks pictured nude in the liner. You get no twat shots or tits, but you get everything but. If you're that desperate, pick it up, if not, put it back and tell the clerk "fuck you, i'm getting a real album".