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More of the same from Akhenaten... - 54%

Feeble_screams, April 3rd, 2007

Weltmacht is another band formed by Akhenaten, along side Lord Imperial, and some guy named Cryptic Winter playing the drums. However, Lord Imperial is not present on this demo, so Akhenaten is apparently handling all instruments and vocals, aside from the drums. So what you basically have here is Judas Iscariot with a different drummer... sounds exciting, doesn't it?

Well, not really, because the music on this demo is very similar to that of JI, and the band really has no distinct identity of their own because of it, unfortunately. I'm not aware of the music on the two full-length albums, but I'm sure it's probably quite similar, considering the fact that Akhenaten has never really evolved from his particular style. However... there are a couple of redeeming qualities on this demo from time to time that make it a (sort of) worthwhile listening experience, from the dominant presence of keys throughout the majority of a few of the songs, to a tribal/experimental type song thrown in as well, to add at least something slightly different from the usual boring/repetitive/uninspired nonsense of JI. As for the instruments and production, everything is for the most part clear, for a standard analog 4-track recording. Nothing really stands out aside from the keyboard and vocals, with everything relatively equal in the mixture.

This might as well be Judas Iscariot, because everything from Akhenaten's rasp, to his guitar riffing and song structuring is more or less the same as if he were recording in JI, with the addition of a new drummer. The music here is nothing special really, and is fairly decent for highly unoriginal black metal. Depending on what your tastes might be, it's hard to say that you'll enjoy this, because taste is definitely subjective. So, pick it up... and hear it for yourself. If you're looking for something fresh in black metal, I really wouldn't suggest this, especially if Judas Iscariot is not something you enjoy. Overall, I personally don't think that this is all that horrible, because I can somewhat enjoy it from time to time. The reason that this just isn't worth seeking out though is because of its lack of individuality and originality, and also mainly because of it's extreme similarity to Judas Iscariot. And so, this is really just another generic black metal recording from Akhenaten, plain and simple.