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Impressive, most impressive - 95%

purerockfury, December 8th, 2004

It's hard to believe that something this good and epic came from the USA. The states have had a hard time coming out with true black metal that stands out, but Weakling certainly has broken that trend.
When you hear the first track, "Cut their Grain and Place Fire Therein" my thoughts turned to early Emperor and Satyricon with a Burzum-esque ideas. Unlike most black metal in the past several years, this has a sound than most albums of recent. What really makes this album special is the mood of it, very epic in a battle sense. While the vocals are not even in comparison to that of the classic BM vocals, it follows the trend of the sound, it blends in. Although they are not high pitch shreeks of blasphomey as we would want them to be, they are disturbingly demonic and make quite an impact. The guitars are going so fast and are so distorted at times, the music is almost hypnotic. The riffwork deffinately follows the early black metal trends. The drums are mixed perfectly allowing the ride of pierce the ears while the kick drums and snare pummel your skull. The keyboards are not up front enough to make a huge impact, but they deffinately help the ambiance of the band. What amazed me the most is that the shortest song is roughly ten minutes, yet does not loose my attention.
If you are skeptic of american black metal, this album will make you a believer.