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Marks a big change for Wasp - 90%

Sinner, January 7th, 2003

"Headless Children" is probably the first album which marked a more or less "new" direction for Wasp - while managing to keep the power and energy of previous releases, but this time around coupling it with more thoughtfull lyrics (although there are a couple of exceptions to the rule still to be found on here as well).

Basically everything about the album fits right into place - the songwriting - the production - the lyrics - everything shows a band which has matured with time - without losing any of it's essence (or fun for that matter) and establishes Lawless as an excellent songwriter / musician.

The highlights for me are without a doubt the titletrack, the energetic rocker "Mean Man" (love this one !! Great Chorus), the "Who" Cover "The Real Me" and the ballad "Forever Free" (one of the best Wasp will ever do).

Another jewel in Wasps crown as far as i'm concerned - and a preparation of what was to come with "The Crimson Idol" (which is the ultimate wasp album as far as i'm concerned) - must-have...