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Septic Illumination - 90%

TrueMetalist, January 16th, 2012

First, this release has only one thing in common with Von, and that's the leading member Von Goat. The music itself is completely different, but more interesting. Ancient riffs coming from the beginnings of black metal spiced with good drugs and thickened with a good portion of perverted and unique brutality. This combination might seem quite common nowadays, but this music is very different and much more interesting than bands who are trying to imitate the psychedelic sound just for the sake of it. VON GOAT makes it all sound as natural as possible and is still straight funereal black metal like was common during its first wave. No idiotic attempts in sounding avant-garde. The aspects of drug- induced psychedelia can be found mainly in four intros that put people in a rather uneasy state, which is then transformed into an evilness of the upcoming tracks. Some melodies remind me of old school, silent horror movies that had a consuming sense of insecurity and crawling terror of what may happen next, and these are the things that I value highly in black metal. Here I get it in a very high doses!

When listening to this album I have an occasional sense that I know these sounds very well and that I have already heard them from some older band, but it still sounds so fresh and unique. I do not remember when I felt like this for the last time. A great album and I am glad it is not as disappointing as a reunion of his previous band.

--- Originally written for Morbid Abominations zine #2 ---