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THESE guys wrote nothingface??? - 68%

ironasinmaiden, March 24th, 2003

This recent rash of negative Voivod reviews has inspired me to contribute a few of my own! Don't get me wrong.... I love Voivod, in particular everything from Hatross to present day. Late 80s Voivod sounds like a few Canadian guys dropped some REALLY whack acid and picked up extra terrestrial frequencies. Angel Rat and Voivod 2003 are off kilter and infectious hard rock albums rife with excellent songwriting. War and Pain is only 4 years removed from Dimension Hatross and light years removed in style....

Picture Voivod as a sloppy thrash band with annoying vocals and ridiculous lyrics. Throw in a buzzsaw guitar and half assed production. This is War and Pain. Some of these riffs are so... fucking DUMB, it blows my mind. Especially when you consider these same 4 individuals sat down and produced Nothingface (a fucking masterpiece)!.

Nuclear War has some interesting thrash riffs... I pick up a bit of a jazz influence in some of those chord changes, particularly in Iron Gang. Suck Your Bone has the funniest lyrics and chorus.... Snake sings like a bum they found on the streets

If you can stomach sloppy thrash go for it. I suggest you check out Nothingface first.