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Sludge Thrash Hell! - 80%

corviderrant, November 15th, 2004

This primitive, Motorhead-meets-Discharge opus is far from perfect, and in fact is pretty bad compared to their much more progressive/complex/spacey style they perfected in years following this debut. But you know something? Damned if it doesn't have lots of character and twisted charm, as well as flat out, full-on aggressive energy to spare. The album's production is utterly appropriate for this with its raw and dirty ambience and featuring easily the filthiest fuzz bass ever recorded--sounds like piles of black earth pouring out of your speakers!

Snake's vocals are radically different on this album, his whiny shrieks adding a distinctive flavor that was and still unique if not slightly offputting. Their broken English lyrics (they hail from a French-speaking part of Canada) were pretty amusing as well, to say the least. The music is furious and straightforward as it gets, simple and direct with crashing riffs and screaming bluesy soloing a la Fast Eddie Clarke, and surprisingly tight all things considered. Away's drumming is what you call D-beat to the max with occasional double bass pounding breaking up the galloping thrash beats.

Songs to look out for are "Voi Vod" ("I'll chop your body to EAT!!!"), the frenzied "Blower" with its chaotic ending, "Black City" (showcasing the most eeeevil bass tone EVAR), and if you come here expecting the progressive side of things, prepare to get slammed in the head with a gargantuan meat mallet. Cos anything even vaguely melodic or musically able ain't gonna be found anywhere on this album! Hamfisted delivery, subtlety out the window from the git-go, and dammit, I like it anyway. Hard to believe that they got so good so fast!