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Debut from the Warriors Of Ice! - 71%

The_Tr00_Dudeguy, October 11th, 2003

Before they were a Progressive Metal band, Voivod were pure Speed Metal! From album opener "Voivod" you can tell this album's going to Thrash like mad. But of course this album is far from without flaws. While the riffs are pretty solid and Dennis' guitar tone is pretty sharp, horrible production and a lack of a second guitarist really bring things down. Don't get me wrong, I like my production raw and it's nice to have space for some bass but there's a thin line between edgy-no-frills Metal and just plain shitty production. On another note, Denis Belanger's vocals are pretty weak on this record and are actually pretty fucking annoying. But if you can ignore these shortcomings, you've got yourself an album! The aformentioned "Voivod" gives the album a fast paced start which leads into the mid tempo classic, "Warriors Of Ice"! "Suck Your Bone" features a pretty cool chorus but is only mildly entertaining. Then the best song on this album..."Iron Gang"! The riffs on this one are similar to something you'd here on Motorhead's "Overkill". The title track just kicks ass. The slow, dark, macabre feel accents the lyrics well. The lead is worth a good listen too. Things speed up for the frenzied but incredibly odd "Blower". "Live For Violence" is a good mid-tempo track with an awesome bridge full of mosh riffs. The good shit doesen't stop with "Black City", either. "Nuclear War" however, is only a mildly above average album closer. All in all the album is definatly worth a shot. However, the grating off-key vocals, the horrid production and the lack of a second guitarist will put some (mainly Power, Traditional and Folk fans) off. The lyrics are also pretty fucked (just look up the lyrics to "Blower" for proof) and are nearly an antipode of what's to come. But what do you expect from four French Canadian wierdos named Piggy, Snake, Blacky and Away? Now to describe each individual instrument:

Vocals: Horrible. Just horrible. It'll take Snake a few years to develop his singing.

Guitar: Not bad at all! Piggy Thrashes like mad on most tracks and dishes out some awesome solos. His style will remind you of Motorhead and Venom. What's really awesome is that Piggy will only continue to get better as time progresses.

Bass: If their's one advantage of having only one guitarist in a Speed Metal band, it's that it leaves space of some great bass notes. Blacky often carries the intensity during Piggy's leads.

Drums: Away does his job well and can keeps the pace during the faster songs. Good but nothing jaw dropping.

Overall a good Speed Metal album (it ain't Thrash) with alot of Black Metal influences. If you like Venom, you might like this. Pity about the production, though.