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Best Voivod album, and that aint saying much - 82%

PowerMetalGuardian, February 18th, 2003

As much as I hate to say it, this is probably Voivod's best album. Pure thrash at it's best... well maybe. Let me start with the musical aspect of this album. Drumming is really fast with a great thrasy feel. Makes you want to headbang. Guitars are really cool, oh I mean guitar. The riffs are really thrash styled, fast power chords and super fast solo's. However, there is one thing that doesn't work with the guitars. Sure it's great, but since there is only one guitarist it sounds awful when he jumps to riff to solo and back. Or when he adds a quick solo type lick, it sounds pretty bad. Bass isn't really that bad, however you can hardly hear it, I had to turn my bass to max to even see if there actually was a bass guitar player. Singing is the worst ever! God this guy can't sing, never could and never can. He doesn't even keep a constant pitch. It's just a flat blah blah blah that is really annoying, almost pop-punk sounding. There are the occasional high pitch hits which make me think "Yes you almost got it". But then it's back to shit. Sometimes I even think he is just going ebebebbeebbebedleleldle, and one must wonder....What the fuck!
Another thing that is shitty about this album: Production! Did they record this in a studio or a garage. If you can get past the singing and the production, this album has possibilities to be a decent thrash album. By the way, the cover is fucking awsome looking!