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A fun, if somewhat inconsistent release - 81%

Ck_Raging_Violence, February 4th, 2009

German thrashers Violent Force are certainly a more "underground" thrash band, even so for their own country. Their album Malevolent Assault of Tomorrow, is slightly obscure, but at the same time, fairly textbook 80s thrash.

While there is, for the most part, a decent flow throughout the album, there are a few moments here which could be a little bit confusing to those used to the thrash norm. Opener "Dead City" is a Motorhead-esque speed metal tune which manages to be catchy and kinda brutal at the same time. It is pretty clearly obvious that VF were influenced by Lemmy and co. Hell, even the vocalist/bassist has "Lemmy" as a nickname.

Also present is a less-than-two-minute track "Vengeance and Venom" which is maybe about as chaotic as this album gets. While sorta filler-ish, it's still nothing to complain about.

Most of the other tracks not mentioned here are some good thrashers. "Sign Of Evil" is probably the most exciting track of this whole album. A very catchy and brutal track which at times reminds me of early Kreator. It's pretty damn great, and doesn't get old fast.

Pretty much everything else on this album is good. I'm not sure if everyone would like this album, but for me its pretty fun, although nothing too groundbreaking.

With some great speed, catchiness and some definite brutality at times, this is quite a good album for an underground release. Good luck finding it though, it's quite fucking rare!