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A Criminally Underrated Album - 88%

Ktulu, September 21st, 2002

Most people will tell you that this is one of Vader's worst albums, well, I'm not most people, I guess! This album is probably one of Vader's best, and surely most innovative. This album isn't just straight-ahead death metal like a lot of their albums, theirs a lot more atmosphere on this one and it's not full-speed ahead all the time.

BttB absolutely flies off the starting block with "Heading for Internal Darkness", an absolute thrasher. "Carnal" is probably one of the best tracks here, with it's great stop-and-go action, and "True Names" has a plethora of fucking demonic sounding riffs. After listening to this album, one realizes that this album is different from every other Vader album, in that it's not almost constant blast beats, a truly original album from the Polish death masters.