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pretty good death metal.. - 78%

dragons_secrets, September 7th, 2003

This album in my opinion has that x factor of crunch and headbangingability that alot of DM albums fail to have. One of the reasons might be because the songs on here are mostly mid paced DM. The riffs are heavy, downtuned and thrashy..but thats a good thing . Trust me. In fact, alot of the songs have that ability to get you going..they just have that moshable feel to them. Granted, if you dissected the album further, you'd find that the songs are indeed very stripped down to bare bones metal, they do however tend to be quite repititive with the riffs and such...but its not a complete disaster, because the songs are all pretty short.
And don't expect too much for solos on this album....its not that the solos are bad..its just either just me or its that there aren't too many of them, either that or its because the soloing is not too memorable (it doesn't have to be for this type of metal).
The vocals here aren't far from standard, BUT he doesn't sing so gutteral as to where the lyrics are incomprehesable...actually I think the vocals fit very well and makes the sound even more heavy and help to add to the aforementioned "x-factor".
Anyways, this album isn't bad at fact it does what it should do...its great for headbanging, its not evil sounding, but as a whole its still pretty solid.
Overall, the mid-paced songs are best. "Warmachine" is quite catchy and cool even though its not even 2 minutes long. "Mediawhore" has a nice smashing riff that is pure molten metal, the song is great too!. "Hero of the Land" actually exerts small amounts of melody, its not the best, but notable I'd say. "Born Deranged" is the speediest (no surprise...constant snare drum) and most standard death metal number...don't worry it slows down halfway through..."Ragnarok" is the closest to evil brooding DM you'll get here, while "Your Pain, My Gain" shows the most promise of the latter half of the album, as its yet another stomping moshterpiece. The last song, appropriately titled "The End" isn't really one the highlights but its still noteworthy and still manages to chug on like a big black demon train of death :) It even has one of the most vile solos on the album...vile? yeah it fits the song!

This isn't a bad record at all. It may or may not be the Unleashed that everyone adores...but oh well...I still find most of it enjoyable...