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Perfect black metal album - 100%

Cody_likes_the_kvlt, December 19th, 2007

Ulver, a band that has never confined themselves to a single style of music. Any muscian shoould be able to respect that. Anyone should be able to respect the emotion put Ulver put into their musicial works on their first 3 albums (I haven't heard the later releases yet so I'm using the first 3 as the example). You go from your amazing folk-y black metal on Bergtatt to your beautiful acoustic folk music on Kveldssanger to your breath taking raw black metal of Nattens Madrigal.

This album is certainly not a listener friendly piece of beauty to anyone who can't handle incredibly lo-fi production (even though I think it has 'decent' sound quality). Get past that imorphous wall of buzz and you have a piece of tremolo picked beauty. It may not seem 'beautiful', but it is even you disagree.

Unlike the previous two albums which were filled with acoustic interludes (Kveldssanger being entirely acoustic), this release contains only ONE SHORT acoustic interlude in the first song or "Hymne" as they are called. Which is a good thing in the case of this album. More acoustic would made the mood and feeling of this album unbalanced. Seriously, since when did acoustic guitars fit a man succumbing to the forces of satan and turning into a wolf? Now back to the point!

Now every song on this release is perfect (along with everything else including the production quality). The songs are called "Hymnes". I've got no idea what Hymne means, but it sounds cool. Each song contains tremolo picked riffs and low sounding drums (probably doing some blast beats). The vocals are not the clean-harsh alternation Garm did on Bergtatt or the all clean on Kveldssanger. All the vocals here are in his harsh black metal screams.

This album is something I would recommend to any black metal fan (new or old). My personal favorite tracks from this release are, "Hymne V", Hymne VI", and "Hymne VII". "Hymne VII" containing my favorite riff of all time in the first 20 seconds of the song to.

So now I think you should go out buy this album.