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Strangely Addictive - 87%

TekFox, June 26th, 2003

Being a huge fan of Type O Negative... this DVD just rubbed off on me in an awkward fashion. I don't know why, but watching one time with commentary, and one time without just seemed to make it all better. While the commentary has dry, to-the-bone humor, and brings a different edge to the DVD as a whole.

Now, aside from that... It's very informing on the bands life between Bloody Kisses and October Rust... and just a pinch of World Coming Down. Though like others have said, no live-performances. Yet it does have a few funny segments of Type O at a couple shows with Pantera, having fun like it was the last day of their lives right there in front of thousands.

Its worth it just for the comedy - especially if you're a fan... you'll most likely get more of the jokes. But, as mentioned before - its best if you watch this DVD already being a fan of at least 2 albums.