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THIS is not Glam Metal! - 80%

fear_the_riffer, August 13th, 2004

Stay Hungry is an awesome heavy metal album that has enough balls to destroy the band's stupid Glam Metal label! Oh and the less-popular songs on this album are the highlights.

The title track is a very good so mid/fast-paced song with tight riffs and drumming. It has some 80's metal elements but is somehow different from other 80's metal songs.

We're Not Gonna Take It: The popular rebellious anthem is sort of an off-cut compared to other songs on the album. Don't get me wrong, it's a good sing-a-long rock anthem but not too good as a metal song.

Burn in Hell: Yeah! This song is The highlight of the album! It's really heavy and evil sounding, perfect for headbanging when you're pissed off. The guitars are really the key to this song's brilliance!

Horror-Teria (The Beginning): The first part of the song, "Captain Howdy", is another highlight since it is also an evil song. The song's lyrical issue is also different from other 80's bands' issues which is why this song is surprise killer!
The song quickly fades in the second part, "Street Justice", which kills the evil mood of the first part.

I Wanna Rock: Is the album's second popular anthem which is way better than the first. This song gets you pumped up in seconds with it's rebellious tones and lyrics!

The Price: Is a surprisingly enjoyable ballad similar to a lot 80's rock ballads. Not bad!

Don't Let Me Down and The Beast are okay songs, very mediocre and forgettable...

SMF (stands for Sick Mother Fucker): Here the album picks up again and the band delivers another good song with tight riffs and a good solo. Great way to end the album!

Stay Hungry is a very impressive release from Twisted Sister. If you want to headbang on some old school metal tunes, this album's for you. Highly recommended!