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An eighties milestone - 99%

morbert, March 6th, 2008

Twisted Sister are legends. And this is not without reason. Had it only been because of their outfits, bands like Stryper or Tigertailz would have gotten just as big but they didn’t. So besides the image there must have been something about their music as well. And indeed there is.

We’re talking here about the ultimate Twister Sister album. The album which combined all styles the band ever stood for. Up tempo metal songs, a ballad, sleazy sing-a-longs, pounders, fistbangers. Everything is here and not even Manowar have come this close to releasing an album so complete with everything eighties rock.

For the metal minded people we have the up tempo opener and title track “Stay Hungry” which has a great vocal performance by Dee Snider and a memorable catchy yet non-cheesy chorus. Another true metal highlight is the song “Burn In Hell” which combines up tempo metal with a great eerie doomy intro. The fast song “Don’t Let Me Down” is a simple song but the melodies and vocal lines make it more than memorable and the song has a certain beauty to it.

The two classic hard rocking sing-a-longs “We're Not Gonna Take It” and “I Wanna Rock” did not only have the most ultimate rock videos from the eighties but in fact are also two of the best rocking songs from the eighties. Once you’ve heard them, you will never forget them.

“The Beast” is a slow pounding song and once again extremely catchy (especially the massive chorus riff). “SMF” is a great tribute to their die-hard fan base and the epic “Captain Howdy/Street Justice” features some nice creepy lyrics. Furthermore I must of course mention the ballad “The Price” which I’ve always liked. Dee Snider’s performance is really outstanding here, preventing the song from getting too cheesy.

There is absolutely nothing for me to complain concerning “Stay Hungry”. It represents the best of Twister Sister and is a milestone in eighties history combining metal and rock so perfectly. Since there can never be ‘the’ perfect album and I consider this ‘a’ perfect album I will of course honour it by giving 99 points.

Twisted Sister wants to rock! - 90%

cyclone, October 14th, 2004

Stay Hungry definitely deserves to be Twisted Sister's best known album. Sick motherfuckers from NY did a great job to promote heavy metal, with good or bad stuff, and the props mostly go to this album. From cover art to videos, they managed to shock glam metal fans all over USA and the world. Err, no, Twisted Sister aren't glam metal. At least Stay Hungry isn't. Don't mind the image, TS music is pure sick heavy metal. And what of an heavy metal it is.

I saw Twisted Sister live this year. It probably doesn't get much better that listening to tunes from Stay Hungry live. So, as you all know, I Wanna Rock and We're Not Gonna Take It are from this one. Both are well known anthems with great ''metal way of life'' lyrics, neat solos, great riffing and well... you know. Dee Snider. He is a great frontman and he does great on Stay Hungry too. The opener (title track) is also damn cool. Borders speed metal, has a nice catchy chorus and it's very memorable.

Burn In Hell is probably the best song on here, along with I Wanna Rock. Nice opening riff, great verses, neat guitar leads. OMG and there comes the part. See no evil, hear no evil... Unforgettable.

Horror-Teria is sort of an downer but it's still decent. Well, The Price could be the only glam song on here. It has that tone and stuff. And yes, it's a ballad. But it's good! Nice memorable chorus and a well done solo. Don't Let Me Down has a great riff althroughout the song. Nice one.

The Beast is the worst song on here. It's also the slowest and quite boring on times.

S.M.F. is the closer and it's nicely done. Stands for Sick Motherfucker, btw.
It's a concert closer also.

So, if you dig heavy metal with nuts, you will like this. Buy it just for Burn In Hell and I Wanna Rock if not for the others.

A memorable classic - 93%

simonitro, October 5th, 2004

When you think of Twisted Sister, you'd say "Bah! it's another stupid Glam Rock band like AC/DC." Wrong, motherfucker!!! This is for sure a heavy metal classic and it's enjoyable by remembering the cool moods of the '80's.

The music sounds excellent and the production is good for an 80's album. This album contains two of the classic rebellion anthems in heavy metal history such as "We're Not Gonna Take It" and "I Wanna Rock". The best way to listen to these songs are with couple of friends in the car with a mood of kicking ass. The other songs are fucking amazing such as the title track, Stay Hungry, Burn In Hell, and the great eerie two song epic "Horror-teria", which gives you the mood of a serial killar that targets children.

Then, my personal favorite is the amazing ballad The Price, and boy does this band know how to do good ballads and the lyrics are actually good. The Beast is a fun track to listen at. Finally, Don't Let Me Down and S.M.F are normal additional songs that increases the minutes of the album.

All in all, this is a great '80's heavy fuckin' metal that reminds you of the good all days. This is a true rebellion classic that should not be forgotten by it's magnificant. The music is great and the mood is awesome.

THIS is not Glam Metal! - 80%

fear_the_riffer, August 13th, 2004

Stay Hungry is an awesome heavy metal album that has enough balls to destroy the band's stupid Glam Metal label! Oh and the less-popular songs on this album are the highlights.

The title track is a very good so mid/fast-paced song with tight riffs and drumming. It has some 80's metal elements but is somehow different from other 80's metal songs.

We're Not Gonna Take It: The popular rebellious anthem is sort of an off-cut compared to other songs on the album. Don't get me wrong, it's a good sing-a-long rock anthem but not too good as a metal song.

Burn in Hell: Yeah! This song is The highlight of the album! It's really heavy and evil sounding, perfect for headbanging when you're pissed off. The guitars are really the key to this song's brilliance!

Horror-Teria (The Beginning): The first part of the song, "Captain Howdy", is another highlight since it is also an evil song. The song's lyrical issue is also different from other 80's bands' issues which is why this song is surprise killer!
The song quickly fades in the second part, "Street Justice", which kills the evil mood of the first part.

I Wanna Rock: Is the album's second popular anthem which is way better than the first. This song gets you pumped up in seconds with it's rebellious tones and lyrics!

The Price: Is a surprisingly enjoyable ballad similar to a lot 80's rock ballads. Not bad!

Don't Let Me Down and The Beast are okay songs, very mediocre and forgettable...

SMF (stands for Sick Mother Fucker): Here the album picks up again and the band delivers another good song with tight riffs and a good solo. Great way to end the album!

Stay Hungry is a very impressive release from Twisted Sister. If you want to headbang on some old school metal tunes, this album's for you. Highly recommended!