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A more mature lump of shit - 0%

tylr322, December 1st, 2012

There is nothing about this heap of excrement that makes this band metal (or at least a half decent one). I don't know why this is said to supposedly sound more evolved and mature now? It's just the same old routine. Melodic pop / mallcore with Nickleback vocals. I took up the excruciating task of listening to this rubbish on youtube and I tell you more effort went into the music videos than the fucking music. I shouldn't need to remind anyone but obviously the only reason this band exists is to loot the wallets of teenagers.

The "music" if that's what you can call it is as you'd expect - appalling. What you are going to mostly hear through the entire album is the most mundane and forgettable riffs, whining vocals and the typical repeating melodic lines, sometimes it reminds you of really bad melodeath, it is basically mallcore. Oh yes and sometimes he screams too (or the guitarist does I don't know or care) but it's truly a weak and pathetic attempt to add aggression. There is no real emotion, atmosphere and definitely nothing fresh or memorable about this music. It's not even like your generic but good metal bands that you find, the ones that love what their doing even if they aren't reinventing metal or anything.

Since we have a established that there is no atmosphere, now we need to find out if there is anything about this album that makes you want to bang your head, If not then that's a bad sign. The lyrics seem pretty pointless too: "We are too far gone, We are too far gone, We are too far gone, We were, never meant to make it this far." Yeah I don't need to say more.

It's pretty much Killswitch Engaged meets Linkin Park meets In Flames and it's a painful experience wasting your time listening to this. Burn your cash instead of buying this album, it is better for humanity, or just get one of the first 2 Kalmah albums, if it doesn't instantly make you realize how bad Trivium is then there isn't much hope for you in the future.