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The Burning Passion - 93%

Azurewraith, May 9th, 2009

A mighty album which really gives me the impression of soaring above the skies into space. Thunderstone have always given me this impression that making music is not something hard or tough to make; but an aura which contributes both a good feeling and also the ability to achieve one's wants in an abstract way. This fact about Thunderstone also energizes me, and I bet all those who listen to this album will too.

From what I heard when listening to this album; the first song really got me going with very eccentric raw guitar riffs in the first song: "Until we touch the burning sun". The first and best song on this CD gave me the feeling of rebellion; with above average vocals and lyrics. This really describes a "reality" which would go on unless provoked by a specific weakness or condition. Apart from this song, other songs give a great deal of symphonic guitar riffs; as well as thrash riffs at the same time which promote excess energy in the making.

The transitions between each song is extremely short and hard to even hear for; but transitions wouldn’t be required if you knew what you were doing. This is what I think Thunderstone did. As a passion for power metal, these guys have been around the block; and done subsequent music; but this album in my opinion gave the best meaning out of all the other albums they released. Some songs might be occupied with orchestral instruments; but the combinations of vocals added in promote the music as if it was antique.

When these guys make a song, they always seem to stick to it; and the result might even give off other features to give a better need for their music. Great job overall to the time used up in making this album (however long they took). This album pushes them into my favorites personally. Some songs might be sorrowful or a bit a sad. This does not make them change their image; but instead give out more content which a band is made of. These guys fit in the theme of "Inner Struggles" perfectly; and have certainly used every instrument they know how to use to the max, for example in: "Side by Side".