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Great follow-up album - 87%

BorknagarCOB, August 23rd, 2005

Finally, a gothic metal band with a different vibe other than the ones that are found in your everyday crap pile. I don't remember exactly how I came across this band, it may have been when I was looking at information on Autumnblaze and realized a member of them was part of the duo known as The Vision Bleak.

Nothing on this album is really repetitive, except maybe a guitar riff or two. The vocals are presented in a few different styles. There is a great traditional gothic vocal style present, vocal work that is very similar to the great Type O Negative, and female vocals to add the gothic vibe. Each song has its own creepy haunted house atmosphere. The band doesn't state they have a Type O Negative influence, but any person with a brain can point it out. Nothing is bad about their influential capabilities, as a matter of fact, they use the Type O similarities quite well. The piano work is nothing less than superb, as it adds even more simple, yet eerie feelings on their work. All the drum structures and guitar riffs are blended well, the production quality is fantastic. They have the ability to write their own horror flick soundtracks, actually that is what this album would remind me of. I'm not a big fan of gothic metal, but every now and then I like a taste of it. One of my favorite tracks on this album is titled "Sister Najade (the Tarn by the Firs)", it has a great classical piano intro and some great song structure work in presence. Not to mention the vocal talent really reminds you of Type O Negative, and the appearance of female vocals are a great add-on.

This album is great in many ways. Any Gothic Metal fan should be happy with this album, as also should a Type O fan. This album may have a chance at creeping my way up to the top 10.