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How devastating... - 99%

ozzeh, January 9th, 2009

Serious props to The Project Hate for this dark, blasphemous work of industrial death metal perfection. The clean, beautiful female vocals DO NOT detract at all from the sheer brutality that "In Hora Mortis Nostrae" achieves. If anything Jo's vocals add an extra layer of eeriness to this already monstrous mind-fuck of an album.

Imagine the weirdness of Sigh coupled with the industrial heaviness of Septic Flesh and add a massive dose of anti-Christian lyrics and merciless power-chord progressions in the vein of early-Deicide, and you might come close to getting a faint glimpse of what TPH achieves here.

Production-wise this sounds way ahead of its time in that it's got the raw grittiness of brutal death metal but TPH also manage to capture every single instrument in their individual glory: the rare alternate-picking guitar leads are absolutely devastating and the solos are a welcome addition to the layered sound. Music of this nature tends to become tedious and drown itself out, but TPH have created the most sincere and crushing industrial death metal album I've ever heard.

Incredible - 100%

MorbidAtheist, July 22nd, 2008

The Project Hate MCMXCIX is a band that plays Mid paced Death metal with a female vocalist and techno and industrial elements. The musicians in the band have created art on the album combining these parts tastefully and creating a unique brand of death metal. I found the band from going on God Among Insects' Myspace and seeing Lord K. Phillipson played in this band too. I then acquired In Hora Mortis Nostrae and was downright amazed by the music. There is an amount of brutality and technicality but this is balanced with good catchy riffs and songwriting creating incredible mid paced death metal.

The musicians are very tight. The low tuned guitar and bass meld with the drums; almost to the point of a groove. But in this case that's good. The tribal and techno beats serve for a break from metal drumming and create even more interesting songs. The guitarist churns out incredible riffs and solos that are technical and brutal but at the same time very catchy and memorable. The growls are incredible and the female vocals are very fitting of the music. There is a very,very,very small beef with it though: the bass could be a little more present in the mix. But that is hardly a flaw but being a bassist myself it would be nice for it to be more present in certain parts of the mix. The keyboards/samples are also add an interesting texture to the music.

The lyrics are penned very well. Almost poetically. The songs are written very well and have extremely consistent quality throughout the album. What are you waiting for? BUY THIS ALBUM.

Magnificent Anti-Christian Industrial Art - 100%

RavenBlack_666, February 15th, 2008

Delivering their now perfectly crafted take on Swedish mid range death metal mixed with tribal techno beats and Anti-Christian ethereal female vocals, The Project Hate don’t veer from the sound of their previous albums, that’s to say the seven lengthy tracks are still essentially interchangeable with any of the other tracks from any of the other albums, but on In Hora Mortis, TPH seem to have really found the perfect mix and balance of their trademark elements that meld together far more seamlessly than prior efforts.

Whereas previous TPH tracks were simply a few minutes of down tuned, earthy Grave styled mid paced death metal, then a female fronted, techno beat section, then more death metal, In Hora Mortis is far more varied and slightly less formulaic. The tribal moments are ingrained and interwoven more into the character of the songs rather than a piecemeal midsection. Of particular note is female singer Jonna Enckell who replaced Mia Stahl on Hate, Dominate, Congregate, Eliminate, as she really comes into her own, with more of a lead vocal role, delivering some hypnotic, angelic yet spiteful lyrics--never has Anti-Christianity sounded so beautiful. Also, Lork K and his crew (now with a real drummer) seem to have added some surprising melody to the mix, making for the band’s first really ‘complete’ album.

In Hora Mortis is just chock full of huge, down tuned grooves and some truly spectacular moments of techno, death metal and female fronted goth artistry coming together into one epic display of Christ hating heft and grandeur. Of course, all the songs are rather long, with the shortest being eight minutes, but they are all far more memorable than anything the band has done in the past. Of particular note is the three minute mark of “Crawling Through the Infinite Fields of Carnage”, 2:20 mark of “For Our Name is Chaos Eternal”, the ominous grooves of “And Damnation is Forced Upon the Weak”, the slow foreboding burn of closer “The Innocence of the Three-Faced Savior” and standout “Tearing Down the Walls of Heaven,” with its crushing rumble, huge tribal drum injection, haunting melody and evocative, disturbing vocals where Enckell really shines.

Lord K and co have finally delivered the fully symbiotic, memorable album they have hinted at throughout their consistent career and this looks to be one of my personal favourite albums of 2007 !!!