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Versus Themselves? - 60%

Dario_CF, September 20th, 2008

Here they are with the (almost) original line-up, engaged in the nth attempt to give a worthy follow-up to the debut album.

And you can hear at once that even "Versus" is not the right album to put the crown back upon Jensen's band, mainly because his violent/burning/fast riffing are missing, and despite the late The Haunted have many strong points, like the production at the usual Antfarm Studios (with Tue Madsen), that represents the state of the art in 2008, or like the screaming vocals of Peter Dolving who, even now that tries to sing for real, fears no match.

The riffing is too foreseeable and without excitement, evoking the idea of a tired blacksmith who strikes down just for habit, without the original will to disrupt the anvil. And even in the parts that would desire to be progressive, but which are only some uselessly stretched slow scores, the main effect is to bore. Also the arrangements instead of plugging the holes open some wide sore, just think of the irritating drumming of Per Moller Jensen (he just keeps the beats, and nothing more!) or of the prolonged absence of the Bjorler brothers, on holiday as usual.

Jensen has lost any blood thirst, the highest he can go to that is drinking a lemonade. PS: who knows who is the "Moronic Colossus" of the first song, the single track to remain stuck in your mind.