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Once you're in, you won't come out! - 93%

cyclone, December 27th, 2004

I was never really into other Testament records, and I can sort of understand, why others also don't like them, but I've always liked The Legacy and I really don't know, what makes it so mediocre as many others say. Well, off to the review.

The musicianship here ranges from excellent to good. I think that we all know, that Alex Skolnick is the master of lead guitar. I'm not sure if riffs are his or Eric's, but the lead work and the solos are really remarkable. Skolnicks' playing is emotional and influenced by classic music, which we're not used to hear in thrash, but don't worry, he can't still tear the place apart with some fast stuff. He even manages to squeeze a little Arabic melody into the album (see Burnt Offerings). The riffs are cool, but maybe a bit unrecognizable. They still work great on this album, though, but the lack of memorability really showed as Testament's worst side on their later albums.

Chuck Billy's voice is interesting. He can sing almost everything, as you maybe have heard on some of his later work (he even growled on some records). Fortunately, there aren't any growls on here, just straight up thrash singing. Chuck's voice is strong and quite deep, the most extreme vocal line is probably in the chorus of First Strike Is Deadly. The vocal lines themselves are quite catchy and melodic, I especially like the one on Do Or Die.
Drums are well played, the fills and the rhythm changes are definitely out there and are well timed. Bass isn't that audible, due to not that good of a production, but that doesn't really bother me.

The songs are about 4 or 5 minutes long, except for C.O.T.L.O.D. which clocks at about 2:30. The album is quite consistent and well balanced, which means that there aren't any bad songs here. All tracks are worth mentioning. Over The Well isn't that memorable but it IS fast and heavy as hell. On the contrary, The Haunting has a really memorable chorus. I also like the main riff and the fast verse part where Chuck spits out the lyrics at a impressive speed.
Burnt Offerings starts off a bit softer but then turns into a nice thrasher. It has one of the best and most memorable leads ever written. The chorus is also good. This song is a kickass!
Raging Waters could also be called ''Raging Thrasher'' since it definitely is one. So is C.O.T.L.O.D. which is the shortest but probably also the most furious song on the LP. Good!
First Strike Is Deadly is brutal as fuck. Well, the chorus probably sounds a bit better on the First Strike Still Deadly recording but this is still really good. FIRST STRIKE IS DEADLY! Chuck makes some great screams on this one.
Do Or Die is a bit slower. As said before, the vocal line on here is a killer. So damn accessible, melodic and catchy. Also some nice guitar work from Skolnick!
Alone In The Dark is the softest song on the record and also the most accessible one. Well, it's still good.
The solo on Apocalyptic City is great.

The Legacy is a good record and it's definitely worth buying. Even if you dislike other Testament records, try this, you won't be dissapointed.