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An instant classic - 96%

Chopped_in_Half, August 4th, 2006

So I was watching Headbangers Ball when I was about 17, back when it was decent, and they showed the video for "Over The Wall", and I wanted the album so bad I could taste it, so I finally got it like 2 days later, and fell in love with it right off, so yeah, First Strike is Deadly, you've been warned.

The production on this album is a bit muddy, the drums aren't very loud, but hey, the production fits, and it kicks ass, makes it all the more raw.

The journey opens with "Over The Wall" Instant classic here, this song is a fucking riff fest, this song is about a prison break that really happened, so the lyrical content is fucking awesome, Chuck sounds brutal as hell on this track too, with those high pitched screams, kick ass, "The Haunting" Opens with a weird, creepy sound effect, then the catchy lead from Skolnick comes in, and eventually the song will kick in to high gear, and just totally rip your face off, especially the chorus "For a haunting we will...GO!!!", add an INSANE solo to that, and you've got another great song, which is what this is, "Burnt Offerings" Is alright, I think it's overrated though, theres much better songs on here, does have some nice leads however.

Now "Raging Waters" On the other hand, is fucking crazy, this song kicks right off, with a catchy as hell verse, with a wicked good riff underneath it, then you will hit a part where chuck says "THE DEVIL'S TRIANGLE!!" I love that part, then yet another very kick ass solo, "C.O.T.L.O.D." Just rips you apart, with it's fast as fuck riffs, aggressive vocals, and killer speed, love the chorus too "CURSE OF THE LEGIONS OF DEAAAAATTTTTHHHHH!!" and then the imfamous laugh by Chuck, "First Strike is Deadly" Starts with a spoken intro, not sure what it says though, but I do know this song kicks major ass, with it's sinister twisted backwards riff, not headbanging is not an option, set the neck on auto-pilot for this, and air guitar the solo, yeah, this song rules.

"Do or Die" Is another favorite of mine off here, starts out right off kicking your ass with a nice speedy riff, the chorus to this song is wicked catchy and cool, you can't help but not singalong, some nice groove riffs as well, "Alone in the Dark" This is quite a bit different, it's slow, very nice riffs though, and Chuck actually uses clean vocals on this, and he sounds good too, another shredding solo is found here too, not the best song on the album, but certainly good, don't skip it, "Apocalyptic City" Opens with a very nice melodic acoustic intro, eventually the electric guitar comes on, with some nice leads, and then the monster riff comes on, you've been ordered by Testament to headbang, another riff fest on this song, lots to be found, lots of tempo changes, this song has it all, definatly the kind of song you want to close a great album.

This is a fucking killer debut, and is legendary, you don't want to miss out on this amazing piece of Thrash, you have to hear it for yourself, sometimes words can't really explain it all, and they can't here, plus I didn't want to make a long ass review, but check this album out, THRASH!!