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WARNING: This CD WILL kick your ass! - 92%

Ktulu, August 14th, 2002

You've heard it before, I'm sure... Testament, a bunch of Metallica ripoffs. Where I can see how that's true on their first two full-lengths, everything changes with the mighty Practice What You Preach. This album is a very tight unit, with hardly any weak spots at all, the most noticeable one being the shoddy production, but hey, it's Testament, and you should know better by now.

The title track opens things up on this album with quite the boom, a big ugly thrash-tastic boom. A great chorus and an even greater solo from Alex Skolnick makes this one of the strongest tunes on the album, other hot spots include "Envy Life", "Sins of Omission" and "Blessed in Contempt", but the whole album rules. Well, that is until the very tail end of it with "The Ballad", which just sounds goofy, and "Confusion Fusion", and instrumental that really does sound confused, it just kind of stays in the same spot, not really knowing where to go. There's so much great stuff here, though, it's worth whatever price you pay for it. The intro to "Time is Coming" is reason enough alone!

All in all, this is the best of the early Testament albums, but is often overlooked in favour of their first two, but it really REALLY shoudn't.