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For all the BM fans-this is a must have! - 86%

Human666, April 5th, 2007

The norwegian black metal is still alive, and he is stronger than ever!
This album sounds a bit different for me than most of the black metal out there. its combines a lot melodic riffs, with tons of folk influence, and the typical shrieks and drumming for black metal-evil and brutality! It keeps the black metal mood for the whole album but it also has a great folkish atmosphere.

The production and the music itself are a completely paradox! While the riffs, drums and vocals brings with them evil roughness and dirtiness, the production is clear all the way, and it works awesome.

Most of the songs here are mid-tempo, but IV and V are more straightforward.
They have a great melodic riffs which just screams FOLKLORE!!! but still remains black metal in their roots. The first track also has some pretty catchy moments. It begins with a screamed sentence (which I dont have any idea what it means, actually I don't understand anything from the lyrics and that's sucks a bit because I'm sure I could like this album much more if I understood the lyrics and from what I've heard they fits the music pretty well and increases a lot atmosphere) and then a catchy riff and some "Hey!, Hey!, Hey!" shouts which sounds kinda viking and pretty cool!

I must say that this album has some of the most memorable folkish riffs I've heard in black metal, they just sounds so energetic and catchy and it's just perfect for beer and know. Another outstanding track is the sixth part which is pretty good instrumental with some top-notched riffs and intensive drumming, it's also has a great epic feeling which makes you feel like you are running in a forest with sword and axe and slaying some stupid and ugly orcs! Or whatever is in your got that point I hope.

Overall, this album is a great headbangable experience with some brilliant riffs and drumming, the production is great so if you can't stand bedroom productions or some static noises, don't hesitate this album because it sounds pretty clear.
Damn, if the lyrics were in english I'm sure I would give it 90. The music is so good, but when you try to concentrate the vocals you just can't understand anything!