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Slower than the others, but brutal as ever. - 100%

eddgore, May 4th, 2009

I love this album. Not just because I have been a Suffocation fan for more than 7 years now, but because this album is unique in its own ways and still is a breath of fresh air as compared to a countless number of brutal/tech death bands that are popping up from every part of the globe. Even if you consider the bands that have been around for a long time.

This is a release that will not impress a Suffocation fan on the first listen, let alone blow one away. But that does not mean that it is a bad release. One difference that you can see very clearly on this album is that the overall playing speed of the band has slowed down considerably compared to say, Despise the Sun. That may put one of on the initial listens. But on listening to it for the third or fourth time, one will definitely notice the roots of Suffocation. It is still brutal as fuck, has considerable time signatures, long solos, out of the world drumming and classic Frank Mullen vocals.

What it doesn't have is speed. But that gives a new meaning to Brutal Death altogether. Suffocation still retain the raw energy that they have always had(even before breaking up). Songs like 'Blind Torture Kill', 'Entrails Of You' and old song 'Prelude To Repulsion' are some of the songs that will go on to become death metal classics in the future. Not to mention that Suffocation will re-record the whole Breeding the Spawn album song by song in its following releases(Marital Decimation is coming up in the next album Blood Oath) to make up for the bad production that the album has. A smart move indeed. On to the album, the single 'Abomination Reborn' and the track with melodic introduction, 'Redemption', are mass destructors.

If one has to enjoy this release, he ought to be open minded. People expecting the same stuff that they did way back in the past is stupid in its own sense. Music is something that needs to be experimented with(at least a little bit) to widen the horizons of mind, of self and the listener.