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Another 'Enemy of God' - 40%

WhiteBoyFunk, April 28th, 2008

I hate to bash on one of the bands that I have the most utmost respect for, but I feel that it benefits the community, the new listener and the band. With that aside, I was sorely disappointed by this album.

After input and some hearsay about seriously brutal, technical and all out strong releases from the 90's along with a soundbyte of 'Funeral Inception', I picked up my first Suffocation album roughly five years ago with Roadrunner's 'Two from the Vault' collection including 'Effigy of the Forgotten' and 'Pierced from Within.' Definitely classics and worthy of their following. Shortly after that, I fell victim to the strong return 'Souls to Deny.' I wouldn't quite classify it as the same Suffoction from before, but it was well written, heavy and fast.

Not long ago the depressing self-titled release from Suffocation fell into my FYE bag on a cd spree. Typically upon first listen I tend not to be overly judgemental of music nor do I like to make predictions of what I will hear less I be disappointed or critical. With this cd though, I had a hard time enjoying the music OR believing it had been done by the legendary US death metal yankees once I popped it in.

This album is plagued by what unfortunately haunts our worst nightmares; influence of gnu-metal. It hovers through every song like steam in a bathroom of a horror film. The point at which I could I tell I was in for a real turd rather than treat, was seconds into the 'Abomination Reborn' track. It sounds like Godsmack attempted real metal, and the music video makes that analogy fitting moreso.

I fear the band is shifting fanbase with this release. Days of chug-chug beefy yet technical rhythm, and solos that destroy are in the past with the Suffocation disography.

I wouldn't say avoid this album at all costs. But for the diehard death metal fan like myself, I recommend picking up some modern thrash or finding something new in a local music shop over this. For the newbie to death metal it wouldn't be a terrible recommendation, although I would push toward the first disc that hooked me with this band of the past.