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RottingCunt, September 23rd, 2006

After putting out the somewhat dissapointment that was "Souls To Deny" Suffocation have returned with their self-titled to give the Death Metal world a giant lubeless assfuck without the common courtesy of a reacharound. Everything that was lacking on "Souls" is on this album and then some. The songwriting, I am sorry to say, blows away the songwriting on their 2 previous masterpieces "Pierced From Within" and "Despise The Sun".

The dark sounding intro "Oblivion" starts this album off into the hellish vortex which this album soon becomes. To start off the album first brings back memories of their glory days while somehow incorporating a new sound that could somehow be heard on the last album but defined much better on the new self-titled album. It almost feels as if Doug Cerrito took a part in the songwriting but was to humble to take any credit for it. The drumming of Mike Smith is pummeling and varied throughout the album and during his blasting it feels as if a jackhammer is coming through your stereo and hammering away at your skull.. The combined riffing of guitarists Terrance Hobbs and Guy Marchais is tight,varied and unrelenting and kicks your ass throughout the entire album.

Franks vocals are a definate improvement over the last album as he no longer uses the annoying reverb anymore. He sounds more pissed than he ever has all the while remaining amazingly intelligible. (you almost dont even need a lyric sheet) After "Souls" I doubted Suffocation would ever make another crushing album but man how they fuckin proved me wrong, I cant even pick a favorite or a few favorite songs off this album as each one is pure fucking killer SUFFOCATION!