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COMPLETELY worthless. - 0%

DrommerOmDod, May 4th, 2009

Is it deathcore? I don’t know. Is it death metal/grindcore? I don’t know. Is it brutal? I don’t know. Is it one of the most horrible and annoying pieces of music ever recorded? You bet your sweet ass it is.

If one were to attempt to describe the sound of the racket that Success Will Write Apocalypse Across the Sky calls their material, it would follow as something like this: Take Despised Icon’s album, “The Ills of Modern Man”. Now make it twice as fast and make the technical parts twice as technical. Now remove the relief brought by the breakdowns, and to finish things off, remove any sense of purpose, catchiness or point from the music. Voila! Instant crap band!

To be more plain, the “music” contained on this irritating little disc is devoid of anything that would make anyone want to listen to it. There are no good parts. Not one section where you’ll be thinking, “hey, that’s a cool riff!” or “this drum pattern is awesome” or “the synthesis of the various parts of this music produces a feeling in me which makes me want to perform a series of motions know fondly as headbanging.” - it’s just a bunch of annoying noise that goes nowhere. This is beyond “technical wankery”, this is hell. Every second of this piece of garbage is crammed with some boring “brutal” staccato riff, tremolo riff, blasting drums and the forced vocals being screamed in your ears. It never ends, it never goes anywhere. Some might call it “relentless”, but it’s just annoying; it’s the equivalent of trying to sleep in on your one day off all week, while there’s a bird outside your window that won’t shut the fuck up.

Really, SWWAATS is clearly the product of the misguided youth of today, who feel that in order to be metal, the music has to be as fast, brutal, and noisy as possible. But this is a mess; it’s too technical and not substantial enough to be interesting and too plastic to be brutal. A massive failure.

In closing, this is an nauseating and worthless freakshow that offends at every turn and does not manage for even one second to be entertaining. And the band’s name is stupid as hell. Avoid even downloading.