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Black Metal to perfection. - 96%

Seedofthestorms, January 24th, 2012

To start off this review, if you haven't heard Spiritual Conquest, then you must find a copy of Shades Of The Forgotten Past floating somewhere around the net. I picked up the MC version for only 3 dollars + shipping on Ebay. This tape is rather short compared to the other Spiritual Conquest lps and eps, but that's not a bad thing. This tape is composed of 2 brand new tracks and 3 unreleased tracks professionally redone. This tapes quality is rather impressive and sounds much like it would be on a disc.

The music here is kind of a depressive black metal effort, although it doesn't seem that way with the exception of "The Fires of the Heart of Courage". This is just a furious, fast moving song with impressive drum work, and you can clearly tell he used a real drum set on this song. As for the others, they are most likely a drum machine. Distorted are the guitars and bass. "By The Frozen Plains of The Fallen" is slower with a lot of ambient tracks and more atmosphere in the guitar work. "Rebirth" another slower song with a lot of atmosphere, some keyboard work, and rather mild drum work. The screams are beautifully done on this track. This track has the makings to be a masterpiece. Every bit and piece of this music is well arranged to perfection. Now we go into "Forever", a long 10 minute song with some of the best keyboard work I've heard in quite some time with the newer b.m. bands out their. This song starts out slow and melodic, then roars to a fast-paced, hateful black metal style sound, then finishes off I'd say 5 minutes of a very depressive melody with spectacular keyboard playing. "Wolfgeist" uses each instrument to full perfection on this album, although there is a lack of bass, which has become a rather ongoing thing with Spiritual Conquest releases. When the bass is there, it goes right along with the guitar parts. Now moving on, finally comes "As Darkness Falls". This is an all-out hateful black metal experience. More fury and anger are in his vocals again, and the song just speeds up with rage. With the riffs of the guitars and beats of the drums, the atmosphere of the keys, and a vocal style like none other, this album is a very complete voyage in the b.m. world. Highly recommended to those into the depressive, melodic, and pagan styles. Let's just hope a cd release is in the works and more copies are on the way. Thanks for reading my review of Spiritual Conquest's Shades Of The Forgotten Past.