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Well done - 75%

Anaktas, April 22nd, 2008

Nice experimental blackmetal from Spectral Lore, a one-man band hailing from Athens, Greece. The sole creator of this release is Ayloss, who plays in the also Greek blackmetallers Divine Element. However, Spectral Lore has nothing to do-musically-with the aforementioned band.

In this release one can listen to experimental blackmetal, with keyboards, guitars in a noisy manner with full reverb and hypnotizing (not boring though!) atmosphere. Sometimes it gets really experimental, with innovative rhythms and songs (given that we are talking about blackmetal here), piano lines and mind-travelling compositions. A band that springs to mind is Paysage d'Hiver, which musically is close enough, but not identical. In addition, we have vocals that somehow resemble whispers.

In the label's site (Saturnine Society) we read "for all those who never liked Marduk". Hell, yeah.