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A waste of good money - 14%

Cravinov13, March 25th, 2007

Good god this album is awful. I don’t understand how someone can listen to so many songs with practically one standard riff and such a dense, generic, and unexciting guitar tone! The vocals are very mono in sound and not even that good. Nothing new is brought to the table with this CD, nor anything by this band really, except maybe some country music mixed with sludge grind (referring mainly to the filler tracks).

The only track I can really stand is ‘Leaves Of Three’, since it’s the first actual song on the album and to me makes it be the only ‘original’ song, since everything else sounds the same to me. The patterns are very standard, simple riffs with unimpressive guitar solos. The vocalist would be better if he did something else other then a standard hardcore-like scream (maybe some higher pitch vocals thrown in there or even Pantera-style singing every so often would sound better). I will give the bassist credit though, he has raw talent. The guitarist would be good if he put more effort into the music, cause it sounds like he’s sitting on a couch drinking beer playing one tune and switching the arrangement of the notes.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m all for sludge metal, death grind, and stoner music in general, but this is just awful all around. Nothing stands out, the filler tracks are lame, and the music all around is boring and generic, painful to my ears even. The only upside I can think of for this band is there writing. The song titles alone are very interesting but misleading to look at. Overall I’d say this album was a waist of $15, and turned me off of this band forever.

Diversity, Soilent Green, diversity. It will take you places.