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Brutal thrash!!! - 98%

Metal_Thrasher90, January 26th, 2010

Ahhh! Tapping The Veiiin! My favorite Sodom album! This one was their fifth thrash attack, featuring guitarist Andy Brings for the first time in the line-up, replacing Michael Hoffman, and also would be the last record with Chris Witchunter on drums, until the re-recording album “The Final Sign Of Evil”.

About the songs, just say that is an amzing collection of genuine teutonic thrash with guts. The opening tune “Body Parts”, “Hunting Season”, “Skinned Alive” or the brutal title track are from the fastest, loudest and hardest stuff Sodom has ever recorded. There’s speed, outstanding aggression and killer solos and riffs on each song. I don’t think nobody did it like this by 1992 (Mmh, ok ok, probably Holy Moses...), and again Sodom were ahead of the rest! Sad how the Metallica’s Black Album commercial rock fashion affected giants like Testament, Megadeth or Annihilator. But Sodom knew that thrash wasn’t dead! (and it never will, in fact).

They definitely found their own sound, by taking influences from Motörhead, Venom, Tank, Raven or some punk-hardcore bands like Anti-Nowhere League. “Tapping The Vein” is the brilliant culmination of that ripening process. Now they sound so raw, heavy and fresh so fortunately they were able to lick and heal their wounds after the relative failure of “Better Off Dead”.

Also their obsession with loss, sorrow, military stuff and the miseries of that senseless crime called war gets consolidated. “Bullet In The Head”, “Back To War” or “Deadline” make it clear. But there’s also “The Crippler” (“I'm gonna make you bleed, I love brutalityyy” ufff brilliant!) and “One Step Over The Line”, that talk of some other polemic and controversial issues. And if these lyrics are sung by that voice from Heeell itself, then the result becomes something larger than life. Mr. Angelripper makes an awesome demonstration of how a bleeding throat style should be. Uff never heard before this guy singing like this, sounds like an angry death metal style and it’s great! And if you put it together with Brings’ amazing guitar work, Witchunter’s efficient fast drum rhythms and you mix them with a brutal production like that, then the most heavy teutonic artillery ever recorded is ready to crush ‘em all!

And if what I said is not enough to make you listen to this masterpiece or I didn’t make myself clear, probably you’d feel curious to do it after taking a look at Dieter Braun and Jürgen Huber’s cover painting. Simple, yes! But that combination of blue muscles with red spilt blood should be enough to make you feel curiosity about the music. Each thing of this album makes it deserve a high rating!