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Hard to get sick of - Just awesome! - 100%

Ck_Raging_Violence, April 12th, 2008

I've had this album for quite a while now, and every time I listen to it it gets better. Sure, it's not insanely technical, and it's not the most original album ever, but it takes the thrash sound everyone was doing at the time (some still are) and raises the bar.

The production is pretty clear, although it does at times sound a little quiet. But personally production never worried me at all (Kreator - Endless Pain anyone?) and it sounds heaps clearer than Persecution Mania.

The majority of the album is fast-paced, although Remember The Fallen is slower and the acoustic section in Tired and Red is a surprise, although it fits quite well. The opening track "Agent Orange" is one of the best on the album, with a great opening riff and the odd tempo change every now and then into the song.

"Tired and Red" is quite possibly my favourite on the album. Just so damn heavy, especially the opening riff. Then it slows down with the acoustic part and then leads into an awesome riff, super headbangable!

Other highlights for me were "Magic Dragon" "Baptism Of Fire" and "Incest", but there is not a weak track on this whole damn album.

People may say that there is a bit of a lack of variation on this album but personally I couldn't really imagine it having big changes in it. It sounds perfect as it is!

Honestly, for me this single-handedly shits all over most of the US thrash bands playing and releasing albums at the time. Just a perfect album, enough said.