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Zzzzzz - 39%

stickyshooZ, April 18th, 2004

When I first heard of Sodom I’d heard nothing but good things. I received recommendations on what album I should listen to first and I was told ‘Till Death Do Us Unite was one of their best albums. Since I’d heard such good things, I approached the music with an optimistic attitude. Sadly, when I was done listening to this CD I was feeling pessimistic. This is supposedly one of the best thrash bands of all time?

I find that hard to believe. A good amount of the songs are far too short, which is a good thing in this case, because most of the songs aren‘t very good. Most of the songs are repetitive, boring, and bleak. For the people who like change in their music, the most interesting parts of this album will be the solos. Sorry guys, but playing the same riff fifty times in a minute doesn’t make you sound good.

The song structures aren’t interesting nor do they vary much. This seems more like a band that say to themselves “how many times can we play this riff in a minute? The more times we play it, the better it will sound”. Yes, this album is packed with speed and riffage, but there is little variety to be found here. Playing fast doesn’t always make you good, especially when you are just playing the same thing over and over again. How can these guys be one of the best thrash bands when nothing about them particularly stands out?

I really did try to listen to this album but I simply could not get into it. It sounds exactly like most other thrash bands. There’s not much unique about the album. I can tell Sodom are good musicians, but I thought this album was as boring as watching flies eat a steaming pile of deer shit, and I wouldn’t buy it even if I had a million dollars in spare cash. Unless you’re a hardcore thrash fan, stay away.