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Oh man...STAY AWAY - 32%

langstondrive, October 4th, 2003

So Slayer wanted to do a cover album. Something that their metal fans would like. So what do they do? They cover a bunch of old punk songs that were shitty in the first fucking place and make them (a bit) better. I have numerous problems with this CD. 1) The songs are too short. 2)The guitar tone is grainy and the riffs are really bad. 3) The drums are monotone, even compared to most Slayer. 4) There is only ONE memorable song on this CD.

Songs like "I Hate You" and "Ddamn" have really stupid, simple riffs. Some other bad songs include the rest of them. However, there is one good song on this, and that is Gemani. This is a GOOD Slayer song. Nice riffs, nice drumming and Araya sounds like typical Slayer, not like he's trying to crank out some shitty punk music. Sadly, it is the only song worth keeping on this *Really* bad album. Avoid at all costs, get a different Slayer album. Namely, any of them.