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Slayer's best album - 99%

skolnick, January 18th, 2003

This stands out as one of the best thrash masterpieces ever written. We clarely notice that this band was at the peak of their carrer by this time.It was the year of 1990 and "Seasons in the Abyss" was just released by Slayer. The overall quality of this album keeps demonstrating why the partnership Hanneman/King is one of the best in thrash metal, side by side with Hetfield/Hammett or Skolnick/Peterson. The intensity levels on this album just rip you apart completely and make you have the desire to hang out with this one on your cd player for more than a year...
Really a redemption with their fans who felt displeased with the slower "South of Heaven", this album does not pretend to be a return to "Reign in Blood" but it´s even better...Of course that "Reign in Blood" is somewhat considered the best thrash album of all times but although not having the brutality of that album, it compensates in speed and technique...

It starts with a big kick ass opener "War Ensemble", with that riff that just makes you want to blow your neighbours ears away by playing it so loud on your cd player or even in your guitar. I think Kerry King's solo (the second)stands out as better than Jeff's and that "WAAAARRR" scream at the middle of the's just fuckin phenomenal stuff

"Blood red" is a slow but effective song with a good riff and a good technical solo sequence right in the middle of the song. It wouldn't be my choice for the second on this album, but stands out fine.

"Spirit in Black" is a "South of Heavenish" song but a good ass kicker as well. It has some slow parts until that riff that stands out in the middle of the song and just makes it "BAM!" with that drum beat that puts you in a authentic uncontroled "thrash train"...

"Expendable Youth" is the first of the two slowest songs of the album. It has some good riffs and the lyrics from Tom Araya speak out the life of the fighting between gangs

"Dead Skin Mask" is one of their live favourites and has that evil intro riffs sequence that´s just fantastic. This song has one of the best solo sequences of this album where Jeff and Kerry alternate almost making it look like a contest to see who plays better. The lyrics are disturbing and a brilliant effort by Tom Araya.

"Hallowed Point" is a good old Slayer song that kind of reminds me of "Ghosts of War" from "South of Heaven" with a great vibe and speed and also a great alternated solo sequence right from the middle of it...

"Skeletons of Society" is the second slowest song of the album, having some good riffs it's the only song that doesn't fill my ears of desire completely.

"Temptation", wooow, this song song really moves you from the beginning 'till the end. Great voice effects on Tom

"Born of Fire" is a very fast song that has some of the impact and brutality of the "Reign in Blood" songs. Probably the fastest song on this record

"Seasons in the Abyss" is just pure evil concentrated in a song. This song must have some three killer riffs in it and its just obscure. It begins with a good intro that evolves to a calm interlude right before the killer riff. The two solos of this song are the best solos that Slayer ever put out on a record. Jeff´s solo (the second) it's just fuckin amazing. A real anthem that unfortunately is not played very often by the band live.

This album stands with 99% because Mr. Rick Rubin could have produced this "work of art" a little bit better but still is Slayer at their best...