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One of the more intelligent songs of Slayer - 88%

Human666, July 15th, 2007

In 1988 Slayer released 'South Of Heaven' which was an absolute paradox of it's former album, 'Reign In Blood'. While in R.I.B the band concentrated with writing fast, short and completely straightforward songs, in 1988 they done exactly the opposite. So if you want, you can call this material as the matured Slayer. In 'South Of Heaven' most of the songs had introductions before getting into the thrashing pit (which was slower also then how it was in 'R.I.B') and was quite longer. In my opinion this song presents exactly what 'South Of Heaven' is, pessimistic, moderate album with quite evil vibe.

'Mandatory Suicide' has kind of hypnotizing feeling due to some of it's repetitive riffs which sounds like they creeping slowly into your mind and wash your brain, not bad thing at all, not when Slayer doing it! There also some creepy riffs (as the opener one) which could fit easily standard black metal album if they were playing each note alone with tremolo picking. Lead guitar stayed the same. Unclear melodic line (I'm still not quite sure if they have it) and a lot of diving with tremolo bar which makes it sound destructive as hell. The song ends with a spoken part which actually sounds fucking great. It didn't end up as sound cliche (as it could be if another band were doing it) and sounds like a big fucking evil omen.

This is an awesome song from Slayer. Keeps on it's creepy sense for the whole time, has simple yet inspiring riffs, and flows pretty well. Get it together with the 'South Of Heaven' LP, you won't regret for sure (unless you are a dumb ass poser, and if you do, please try to look at the title from a little bit more functional aspect and achieve it).