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Thrash Metal defined - 96%

avidmetal, February 8th, 2010

The single was released back in 86 and contains just one track. 'Angel of death'. I am not the biggest slayer fan nor am i the biggest fan of reign in blood, I just feel that RIB has some filler songs unlike metallica and megadeth's efforts the same year. Reign in blood deserves it's classic status as one of the finest thrash metal records of all time.

Angel of death personifies the very best characteristics of thrash metal. Evil is spread across the lyrics. Not some fancy fictional fantasy lyrics about dungeons and elves but real evil that happened. For those of you who don't know it yet, The lyrics describes the evil deeds of josef mengele, a Nazi scientist who was facinated with human beings subjected to horrendous evils. Tom araya spits out the evils faced by innocent prisoners who were unlucky enough to be in the wrong place in the wrong time.

The blood curdling scream let out by Tom araya is instantly recognizable. Dave lombardo's legendary drumming here is highly influential and set really high standards for the many forms of extreme metal which were influenced by slayer. Say what you want about kerry king but the duo of king and hanneman is one of the best ever. They complement each other very well and take turns performing some of the most evil solos of all time. Pure mayhem is unleashed near the end where dave lombardo decides to go ballistic with the guitar duo performing a very chaotic solo which sound like somebody crying in agony.

The lyrics are a big part of what makes this track so amazing. Most bands who rip off slayer or metallica never really have the song writing skills to match them and they never quite reached the popularity of the big guns. Tom araya describes in horrible detail, albeit with some funny lines (Human mice???). From start to finish, The themes are pretty clear and they are very effective. The controversy this track caused also is an indication of this. There are many other bands who attempted to be as shocking but their terrible vocals and shitty lyric writing stopped them.

I bought this single before the album and it worked for me. This is the best song on the album, Everything else is a weaker version of this one. There's just one song on this one, Which isn't so bad, considering "Angel of death" is arguably the greatest thrash metal song ever written.