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holy shit since when do I have Matchbox 20 mp3s?? - 12%

UltraBoris, December 19th, 2004

Awful. Absolutely fucking awful is how to describe this one. This ain't the Skid Row we love, this is boring, bland corporate Three-Doors-Down style modern rock, with only a very few exceptions.

The opener, New Generation, sounds like basically what every other glam band tried in the 90s - basically, remember that Motley Crue self-titled album from 1994? Well, that's the closest comparison. Same with, to a lesser extent, the song Mouth of Voodoo, which has a bit of an Aerosmith vibe to it as well.

The rest? Well, there's the one *good* song, "Thick is the Skin", which is a fairly decent groove rocker, sounding like the latest Meliah Rage album - in other words, a watered down Pantera. The chorus is melodic, again a la Meliah Rage, with a bit of that Motley Crue s/t vibe again... not bad.

The song after that, "Hitting the Wall", ain't bad either. Another groover, with some actual fast parts that fucking rawk, which is a refreshing alternative to most of the album, which is plodding and stupid and completely fails to rawk.

The rest... holy fucking shit, Jonny Solinger sounds *exactly* like one of those horrifying modern-rock singers that were so damn popular around 1996-2000 - I forget all of them, but there were a lot, and they sounded all the same. This is basically before pop-punk a la Blink 182 took over; bands like Googoo Dolls and Dishwalla and the rest... and that's what this fucking sounds like.

Ugh. Despicable. A waste of fucking time. They even turned the old ballad, I Remember You, into a modern-rock malaise. Fucken A, this sucks.