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A Galactic Anthem that will Echo for Eternity. - 100%

infernalhellstorm, March 23rd, 2005

Sirius: the brightest star seen in the nightsky. This band was one of the most promising bands I have ever encountered. The first time I heard this release, I fell out of my chair in utter amazement. Aeons of Magick is exactly what its called: A perpetual journey at lightspeed across the galaxy. This is Dark and Magical music, brutal and delicate at the same time. There is nothing human or intrinsic about this album. The riffs on this album are not as memorable as those of this band's early influence Emperor, but it is still a very complete composition. Structurally, this album contains no flaws. The songs are composed with a mastery of musical knowledge. This music is not for amateurs and it is layered ever so intricatly to the point where there seems that the music clashes with total chaos and yet still holds it's stability. I am not going to sit here and analyze this album song by song because I believe its not something to be analyzed. This music is was created for 1 purpose, to deliver the esscence that something greater exists in the universe that humanity will never encounter. (That was in no way at all a religious statement). I suggest you begin this Album from track 4, an instrumental piece called The Stargate, which starts off almost like a Wagner composition. Let the instrumental finish and it will flow into the next song, Travellers of the Stellar Ocean. This is the most appropriate introduction to one of the best and most shortlived bands, only released 2 albums before splitting up. The production is good, it better be good if they flew all the way to Norway to record this epic. Its been 4 years since anyone has heard anything about Sirius. What a mark they made.