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Classic Sinner - 70%

sodometal, May 4th, 2007

What do you think of Sinner? Heavy? Power? Old? New? Good? Bad? Well, whatever you may have thought so far won’t change with this album either. Sinner has come up with an album which can be expected from them. No surprises, no cheers, no disappointment. Mask of Sanity is a typical Sinner album played mid-tempo with a crystal clear production.

Matt Sinner’s vocals are still as harsh as they used to be. However, this harshness is something natural to him. He doesn’t sing aggressively but instead he sings as if he’s somewhat sleepy. The guitars are OK. Aside from well-composed guitar leads, we can hear many guitar licks, typical of Sinner. The drums are controlled and away from confusing attractions. The bass drum sound is very soft. The hi-hat is kind of strange. I don’t know why but it might be due to the production. It sounds as if the cymbals are open wider that they should be. This is a small spot on a clean drum sound.

I resemble this album to Pink Cream 69 – In10sity album. The tempo is even similar. The major difference is the vocals. The mid-tempo air falls down to a ballad in the 10th track but the finale is a rather up-tempo song called “The Last Man Standing”.

All in all, this is a nice album. Maybe it’ll improve on the second or further listening, but I’m not sure that you’ll feel the need to listen to it over and over. Normally, I’d give a higher point to a band for keeping his style and original sound. Nevertheless, since we do not expect a change from Sinner from now on, all we can hope is always a step forward, not a deadlock.